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    Xiamen wutong wharf

    Xiamen five terminal five five-way edge bay port area is located in the northeast corner of xiamen island, xiamen, south north waterway 11 km distance to the railway station, 7 kilometers away from xiamen gaoqi international airport, the golden gate pier head 8 miles, and at the business center of five yuan bay, between the kuanyinshan international commerce transport business center and the golden gate only 15 minutes by high-speed catamaran, the transportation is convenient, is excellent channel between xiamen and kinmen.

    45 ferry terminal to the service between xiamen and jinmen size of passenger transport, and round-trip passengers sea-air freight between mainland and Taiwan, with the opening up of the policy, through the mansion gold routes of Taiwan compatriots, passengers will be increased steadily, gold mini three links of fuzhou and cross-strait relations has become the most important and the most convenient channel.

    Xiamen airport express

    On April 21, 2010, xiamen airport express transportation co., LTD., with the registered capital of RMB 15 million, was formally established with 90% and 10% shares respectively owned by fujian airport express transportation co., LTD. And fuzhou international airport co., LTD.

    As a member of xiamen xiangye group, xiamen express is committed to building a convenient airport ground passenger transportation network with xiamen airport as the center and radiating to the surrounding cities, and building a high-quality passenger transportation brand of haixi with sustainable security and "aviation" service.

    As the unique characteristics of the air transport road passenger transport enterprises in the province, the passenger transport volume of the company and to expanding business scope, scale and efficiency continue to increase, gradually highlight the enterprise reputation and brand effect, transportation industry keep AAA quality credit assessment, won the xiamen city "civilized unit", tourist passenger "quality service enterprise".

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